Sino Logistics and PenEx Container Lines Unite to Launch CTX Service, Enhancing Thailand-Cambodia Connectivity

Sino Logistics Corporation (SINO) recently launched its CTX service in collaboration with PenEx Container Lines. This feeder service establishes vital connections between Thailand’s main ports and the Okhna Mong Port in Cambodia, aiming to facilitate import-export operations along routes that link Thailand and Cambodia to the United States and various other global regions through cargo transshipment.

The CTX service follows a weekly rotation schedule that includes the following ports: Laem Chabang – Okhna Mong – Bangkok – Laem Chabang. The inaugural sailing departure from Hutchison Port at Laem Chabang on September 22.

SINO customers can take advantage of this service to transport their goods from Cambodia to Laem Chabang Port. From there, the cargo can be seamlessly transferred onto the mother ship destined for various locations in the United States and other global regions. This not only provides cost-effective transportation solutions but also enhances efficiency, significantly reducing the overall shipping duration.